Project Structure

Project Structure

Folder Structure

There are 4 main folders for Hugo-based sites:

  • content/ for your Markdown-formatted content files (homepage, etc.)
    • the homepage (Hugo requires that the homepage and archive pages have an underscore prefix)
  • assets/
    • media/ for your media files (images, videos)
      • icons/custom/ upload any custom SVG icons you want to use
  • config/_default/ for your site configuration files
    • hugo.yaml to configure Hugo (site title, URL, Hugo options, setup per-folder page features)
    • module.yaml to install or uninstall Hugo themes and plugins
    • params.yaml to configure Hugo Blox options (SEO, analytics, site features)
    • menus.yaml to configure your menu links (if the menu is enabled in params.yaml)
    • languages.yaml to configure your site’s language or to set language-specific options in a multilingual site
  • static/uploads/ for any files you want visitors to download, such as a PDF
  • go.mod sets the version of Hugo themes/plugins which your site uses

Hugo File Naming Convention

Hugo gives us two options to name standard page files: as TITLE/ or where TITLE is your page name.

The page name should be lowercase and using hyphens (-) instead of spaces.

Both approaches result in the same output, so you can choose your preferred approach to naming and organizing files. A benefit to the folder-based approach is that all your page’s files (such as images) are self-contained within the page’s folder, so it’s more portable if you wish to share the original Markdown page with someone.

The homepage is a special case as Hugo requires the homepage and listing pages to be named

Docs Navigation

The docs navigation is automatically generated based on the content in the docs/ folder and is sorted alphabetically.

The order of pages can be changed by adding the weight parameter in the front matter of your Markdown files.

In the example below, the page will appear before the page as it has a lower weight:


title: My Example
weight: 1


title: My Test
weight: 2